Italia World Cup 2010 T-shirt

Italia World Cup 2010 T-shirtItalia World Cup 2010 T-Shirt where the text is written with the colors of the national flag. Beneath is the well known black and white soccer ball

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"Italian national soccer team is known to the whole world most especially due to the fact that they won the recent World Cup. Among this teams that play pro, the Italians rule the sport with a different level of devotion and dedication. The popularity of soccer in the entire Italian soil is so widespread that young aspiring players in this country are used to handling the football at a very tender age. The zest and enthusiasm of these players are beyond compare. They excite and awe the audience in their most breathtaking skills in the outfield. The determination of the entire Italian team is the main reason why they make every this game more enjoyable."

"If there is one team in the world that is gearing for the coming World Cup in 2010, it is no other than the Italian national team. To date, team Italia has won four World Cup titles, making them one of the most successful national teams in the world.

Currently, Brazil holds the most successful campaign in the World Cup as they've already won five titles, but if Italy wins come 2010, the Italians and the Brazilians would tie in terms of number of world titles won. Moreover, winning in 2010 would be doubly sweet for Italy as it would mean that they would accomplish another back-to-back win since the last time Italy won a back-to-back feat was back in 1934 and 1938."